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AlkaPod and Youngevity

$95.00 #160;

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Youngevity - best value liquid nutrients

Listen and Lose Weight with hypnosis   $19.95

Subliminal Mind Power - Overcome all fears   $39.95

The 11 Forgotten Laws - $97.00

These laws are:

•The Law of Thinking

•The Law of Supply

•The Law of Attraction

•The Law of Receiving

•The Law of Increase

•The Law of Compensation

•The Law of Non-Resistance

•The Law of Forgiveness

•The Law of Sacrifice

•The Law of Obedience

•The Law of Success

Anti-aging Routine


Love Without End by Glenda Green pre-loved book - $30.00

Pranayama - Breath of Life, to oxygenate the blood

Breath, Mind & Consciousness

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